The JoyBion ionizer is unique in its ability to both generate controlled bipolar Ionization and emit ozone on demand for a limited time. During the ozonization process, the device simultaneously continues to generate controlled bipolar ionization. Both features are, indeed, important in the battle against mites and mite allergies.

Controlled bipolar ionization (CBI) contribution comes from breaking down mite droppings, 0.3 micron micro-particles that float in the air and can cause allergies, and, in some cases, severe asthma.

With CBI, JoyBion successfully breaks down almost all micro-particles suspended in air, including most allergens. This leaves air purer and more breathable, minimizing the breathing problems caused by harmful particles and mite droppings.

Though this ionization process alone is already enough to recommend JoyBion, the advantages of the device don’t stop here. By activating its ozonization feature for a time of 90 to 180 minutes, without people present in the space, but leaving pillows, mattresses and blankets out, the ozone emitted by JoyBion acts on the surfaces and folds of the fabrics where the mites live, making life extremely difficult for them. With daily treatment, and, if possible, two or three treatments a day, extraordinary benefits should be seen within less than a few weeks.

Leaving the ionization feature to work continuously will minimize the presence of harmful particles suspended in the air, while a daily ozonization of at least 90 minutes, or even better 180 minutes, will minimize the presence of mites in fabrics and on surfaces. Ionization also significantly revitalizes and balances the air electrically. Naturally, this doesn’t obviate the need to regularly ventilate the environment to facilitate the normal change of air and supply of oxygen required by its users.

Mites feed on organic matter left by people on surfaces, including bed sheets. Therefore, effective sanitation, also by ozone, will eliminate the mites’ source of food, and promote the disappearance of allergy symptoms. Furthermore, as is well-known by allergy sufferers, it is not so much the mites that cause allergic reactions, but their droppings. Both ionization and the oxidative action of ozone can reduce and eliminate microbial proliferation linked to the presence of this organic waste, and, thus, significantly reduce this problem.