Tourism operators, especially in the era of Covid-19, are increasingly faced with the need to guarantee safe environments and indoor air quality for their customers.

Data published by the Nomisma-UniCredit Tourism Observatory confirms that, in order to be successful today, tourism operators have to guarantee not only personalization and connectivity, but, above all, the well-being of customers using their facilities.

In the list of services that operators are adopting to respond to the emerging demand, in first place we find the installation of air purifiers. Clearly, this type of product is seen as essential in guaranteeing customers safe, purified air and well-being. 

Propacare’s JoyBion is the only device offering safety and well-being in a single product. JoyBion uses bipolar controlled ionization technology to make air as pure and vital as you would find in uncontaminated nature. Indeed, JoyBion emits a perfect balance of positive and negative to recreate exactly what happens in nature.

What’s more is that, with a special timed programme, in the absence of guests, the operator can more thoroughly sanitize the premises with the emission of ozone. At the end of the programme, it’s enough to briefly ventilate the rooms and reactivate the ionization process to keep the air purified and allow customers to fully enjoy its benefits. 

To learn more about JoyBion ionizers, click here.

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