Several car manufacturers have announced that they are introducing air ionization to new cars in order to offer their customers purified air, free from allergens, pollutants, viruses and bacteria. Jaguar, in particular, is already using it, as can be seen in the video at the following link: LinkedIn post.

It has been proven that a high level of pollution from surrounding traffic accumulates in the passenger compartment of cars. Therefore, being able quickly eliminate such pollution is an extremely good proposition. 

Also, when several people travel together in a car, due to the compact space, viruses can be easily transmitted.

The introduction of air ionization in the passenger compartment is an important milestone that will allow motorists and passengers to benefit from purified air throughout the journey, and to protect themselves from the possible harm caused by pollution and the transmissions of viruses.  

You will be, therefore, be able to look after your health in the car too! To protect your health at home, in the office, at restaurants and in all closed spaces, find out more about our JoyBion ionizer and sanitizer, the only product offering two solutions in one, sanitization with ozone on demand, and bipolar controlled ionization, so that you can breathe air just as pure as if you were immersed in nature!

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