Gyms and swimming pools are among the many businesses and facilities worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally, they too have been authorized to open, but there are many issues that they have to face and many restrictions for both the facilities and the customers.

Even removing your mask to help your breathing during exercise is an issue when it comes to restrictions for containing the pandemic. 

In reality, though, there are other ways to protect people in indoor environments. As we know, many viruses are transmitted via saliva droplets in the air we breathe out as we speak, but if we can eliminate the viruses that are released into the air, we can drastically reduce their transmission.

JoyBion is a highly innovative and technological ionizer that uses controlled bipolar ionization to emit a perfect balance of positive and negative ions, as can found in nature. This precise controlled balance of ions continuously breaks down viruses and bacteria in the air, thus producing purified air, even while people are using the environment.

On the other hand, when more intense sanitisation is needed, once the premises are empty, you can simply select the JoyBion ozonization programme. At the end of the programme, JoyBion will return to the previously set ionization mode, which will continue to keep the air free of viruses and bacteria.

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