It is well-known that the presence of mites in our homes can cause annoying allergies. From today, you can win the battle against these tiny enemies simply by ionizing and properly sanitizing the air of the spaces you live in. 

Mite allergies are mainly caused by the mites’ dropping, which are 0.3 micron micro-particles easily dispersed in the air. JoyBion, thanks to its Controlled Bipolar Ionization technology, is capable of breaking down these particles, and, therefore, of bringing relief to asthma sufferers.

JoyBion has an additional, deep-sanitizing ozonization feature that can be activated on demand for a limited time of 30 to 180 minutes, depending on the size of the space, and the desired degree of sanitation. This feature should be used without people present, but leaving blankets, pillows and mattresses out so that the emitted ozone sanitizes their surfaces, making life difficult for the mites. This high degree of sanitation can then be maintained by JoyBion’s controlled bipolar ionization feature, with you once again present in the space to enjoy all the many benefits. This innovative technology takes its cue from nature by emitting positive and negative ions that revitalize and electrically rebalance the air, just like a waterfall deep in a forest. 

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