We are used to thinking that polluted air can only come from outside our homes but, inside, there are many sources of air pollution that are harmful to health. Indeed, indoor air can harbour particularly insidious enemies, especially in areas such as the kitchen.

A study conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Stanford University estimated the damage to the health of family members who spend the most time in the kitchen near to the stove, and found that carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels were higher than US federal and state health standards. This could lead to a higher probability of respiratory and cardiovascular problems, as these pollutants can enter the bloodstream and reduce the absorption of oxygen by organs and tissues.

The recommendation of the researchers is to use powerful extractor hoods and try to leave windows open when outside temperatures allow for it.

In addition to these two important precautions, it is essential to have an air purifier capable of eliminating indoor pollutants. JoyBion is the ideal product for this because, thanks to its controlled bipolar ionization, it is able to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air, making it as pure as we would find in a forest or near a waterfall.

JoyBion is also equipped with an on-demand ozonization programme that allows you to eliminate cooking odours and fumes once you leave the kitchen.

JoyBion, the only product offering two solutions in one!

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