A study conducted in Germany by a team of scientists from the University of Munich shows that due to climate change, the pollen season begins early and lasts longer and longer, creating greater problems to those affected by allergy. The reason why this happens seems to be related to the rise in temperature that results in early flowering. In addition, flowers produce more pollen due to increased CO2 in the air

The research team also noted that the presence of certain types of pollen was recorded in areas where the trees from which they originate have not yet bloomed and this is due to the fact that pollen can be transported for many kilometres. This phenomenon, added to the alteration of some species of plants, has contributed to exposing allergy sufferers to new types of pollen, ignored to date by our body.

According to this team of researchers, the pollen season could last even longer than estimated on the basis of observations on flowering.

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Source: GreenMe

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