Restaurants and hotels have finally reopened after a long and difficult winter, with intermittent closures and plenty of rules to follow during the few openings allowed. Now is the time to help this sector recover, as much as possible, the enormous losses it has suffered. 

Although this sector has resumed its activities following the relaxation of rules by governments, unfortunately, there are still many people reluctant to frequent commercial environments like these, especially those that are indoors.

However, there are certain way to increase safety in hotels and restaurants, and to allow people to feel safe, once again, in collective spaces. Many studies have shown that ionization is extremely effective in fighting airborne viruses and bacteria. And, if it is a controlled bipolar ionization, it the effects are even greater. Indeed, thanks to innovative technologies that imitate spontaneous natural processes, JoyBion can purify the air and improve well-being in any restaurant or hotel space. To continue to be at the service of customers, in complete safety. Propacare ionizers can operate while people are present in the space, eliminating viruses, bacteria, bad odours and fumes throughout the day, and purifying the air and the spaces. This makes Propacare ionizers versatile and effective solutions that adapt perfectly to the needs of commercial spaces and those who use them every day.

In addition, Propacare’s JoyBion offers an on-demand ozonization programme that can be used for a more intense sanitization of the premises once they are empty. At the end of the ozonization programme, JoyBion will return to the previously set ionization mode, which safely continues to keep the air free of viruses and bacteria, throughout the day, while people are present and using the premises.

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