A study published in Environmental Health Perspective has shown that the dust in the places where we live and work contains Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) and other toxic substances harmful to health, which, in some cases, can even lead to serious diseases, such as infertility, obesity, diabetes, abnormal foetal growth and tumours. 

The clothes we wear, and the carpets and furniture in our homes and workplaces, for example, are treated with flame retardants that gradually release toxic substances that can enter our bodies through the dust we breathe. Many companies are now eliminating materials and fabrics containing PFAS and other toxic substances from their products in order to reduce their impact. Unfortunately, however, there are still many products that contain these substances.

There are useful lists of companies that have already eliminated harmful substances such as PFAS from their products, to consult one of them, click here. It can, therefore, be very important to check before you buy new products, but the problem will remain as long as we continue to have furniture and fabrics with these substances in our homes. However, aerating rooms and ensuring the air is purified and ionized can be particularly useful in mitigating the problem. Indeed, ionization eliminates the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air, making it pure and healthy.

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