Wellbeing and vitality

Effective strategies to increase vital energy and improve inner wellbeing.

In an era characterized by hectic lifestyles, which sometimes leave no room for recovery and rest, finding ways to maintain high levels of energy and inner wellbeing can seem like a challenge. Often we feel drained and with reduced vitality; in these cases, regaining the necessary energy, not only to face daily challenges, but also to fully enjoy life, becomes a difficult task. The aspiration of anyone would be to have a vibrant existence, full of energy and joy.

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Autumn and lack of sleep

The change of season and its consequences, such as lack of energy

With the arrival of autumn, many people experience a feeling of increased tiredness and a general lack of energy. This phenomenon is known as autumn asthenia and is influenced by a combination of factors, including changing weather conditions, reduced hours of sunlight and the psychological implications of the transition from hot summer days to cool, gloomy autumn days.

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