The 6 golden rules for better sleep from Sweden

Sleep has become a precious and rare resource, like energy, water, silence, and darkness. The transformation of work, especially with the advent of the internet and technologies that keep us always connected, has made our professions more invasive, negatively influencing the quality of our sleep.

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Summer Holidays

Propacare will be closed for summer holidays in the following period: from 03.08 up to 18.08.24 included (weeks 32 and 33).

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Regain energy and vitality: strategies to overcome chronic fatigue

In a world that is constantly running faster, it is common to find ourselves waiting for the weekend as an oasis of rest, only to reach Sunday evening without feeling truly refreshed. Sometimes, spending a day on the couch does not equate to real rest. Let's explore some activities and strategies that can help you feel energized again.

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