Fine dining in your favourite restaurant or a simple coffee with a friend are great opportunities for pleasant relaxation. However, as in all closed spaces, there is an increased risk of coming into contact with viruses and bacteria, especially during certain periods of the year when they spread more easily. To preserve the sense of well-being that allows you to savour food and drink prepared with great care, and to allow those preparing them to work with piece of mind, it is important that the environment is healthy and safe.  

The presence of an ionizer in such an environment guarantees that the air is healthier for both those working there and those enjoying a pleasurable moment of leisure. In choosing the right device, you have to evaluate what you want to offer your employees and customers. Whether you want to ensure that the air is sanitized, or that it has the relaxing quality of a natural forest, JoyBion is the ideal product.

This innovative device is the only solution that offers two products in one!

On the one hand, JoyBion is an ionizer that reproduces the quality of air found in the most uncontaminated nature. Using controlled bipolar ionization technology, it emits a balance of positive and negative ions that recreates the pure and regenerating quality of air you would breathe in a forest or near a waterfall. 

On the other hand, JoyBion also offers the possibility of deep sanitizing the air and surfaces of your business premises while they are closed by activating a special timed ozone emission programme on the device. At the end of the programme, the air and surfaces of the environment will be sanitized and ready to safely welcome your customers. Furthermore, the bipolar controlled ionization described above will continue to preserve the benefits of the sanitization of the air while your employees and guests are there. 

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