Our living space is extremely important and contributes decisively to our wellbeing. Whether at home or at work, we need the right energy to feel good.

In eastern countries, the simple positioning of furniture and the colours used in different rooms are considered highly important, because they have a direct impact on human wellbeing; Feng Shui  specialists are even consulted before designing entire residential areas. Feng Shui is a discipline more than four thousand years old, according to which it is essential to live in symbiosis with natural energy in order to achieve wellbeing. Sometimes we put Feng Shui principles into practice without knowing it, for example we might move a piece of furniture that doesn't look right, and when we find the right place, we almost feel relief. According to Feng Shui experts, this is because the energies within the room are rebalanced.

In Feng Shui each room needs different colours, and the furniture should be arranged in accordance with certain criteria. For instance, in a bedroom, some important rules should be followed in order to ensure a good night's sleep. The head of the bed should be facing east, and while lying down, we should be able to see anyone entering the room.  So we should avoid having the head or foot of the bed facing the door. Mirrors are not recommended in the bedroom, particularly facing the bed, the door or the window, due to possible energy reverberations on the bed.

Meanwhile, in the living room, the sofa should be placed away from doors and windows, to prevent the entry of too much energy which can disturb the peace of the sitter; moreover, if these are open, there is a risk of draughts which, apart from being annoying, are seen in Feng Shui as a major factor in the circulation of energy in the home.

In the kitchen, it is best not to place the hob under a window, to avoid direct contact with air currents, and Feng Shui reminds us that opposites - like the sink and the cooker - should be appropriately separated to prevent any conflict.  Finally, the desk should be positioned with plenty of space in front, to allow energy to flow correctly, and a wall behind, to ensure a solid base.

So Feng Shui has a solution for every room in the house, and its purpose is to make our home a place that can provide us with the right energy to live well. If we take the balanced energy created by Feng Shui principles and add energised air in our rooms, thanks to controlled bipolar ionisation like that emitted by our JoyBion ionisers, the result is an atmosphere that will give us wellbeing and energy to face our daily challenges!

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Source: https://www.fengshui.it

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