It's not just a saying, it's the truth! It has been proved that half an hour's walk on the seashore, perhaps early in the morning or in late afternoon, can have extremely positive effects on health, preventing respiratory and bone problems and much more.

The cure-all of sea air is the tiny water droplets in the air, which provide a natural aerosol. Nowadays it is well known that moving water - especially fast-moving, like a waterfall or a rough sea - produces natural ionization that's essential to our wellbeing. Beside the sea, as well as this ionization, we can also benefit from iodine and many other health-giving particles which evaporate due to the movement of the water.

Those who can, therefore, are highly recommended to walk by the sea and enjoy this wonderful natural aerosol. Since this is a privilege that's not available to everyone, particularly at certain times of year, it’s important to enrich the air we breathe in our homes with an ionisation as effective as the natural version. JoyBion is the perfect appliance, offering a technology based on controlled bipolar ionisation, in which positive and negative ions are emitted in a controlled manner, similar to nature.

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