Let's start with the problem...

Universe is 96% energy and only 4% matter, the result of the transformation of energy into matter following a specific vibrational order.

This primordial vibrational force acted undisturbed, communicating its orders through a stable and balanced frequency field, which then began to undergo progressive disturbances resulting from the evolution of mankind and the technology it developed.

The introduction of electricity in the 20th century marked a shift from a natural lifestyle to one increasingly dominated by technology, with consequences for daily life and sleep. The exponential proliferation of electromagnetic sources has been such that it has generated a 'growing background noise' that has made it increasingly difficult for living organisms to communicate energetically and cellularly, breaking the energetic-communicative harmony that is indispensable for the proper performance of vital and regenerative processes. The human body, with its tens of billions of cells that communicate at very low electrical intensities, is particularly affected by this disturbance, caused by the omnipresence of electromagnetic sources.

This has also generated an enormous amount of new diseases and has minimised the physical and mental resistance of people who, in many cases, have lost their ability to cope with life with the necessary energy. This is mainly because these extremely harmful electromagnetic disturbances do not cease even during the hours of rest.


To counter these harmful effects, Propacare, together with Sols and in collaboration with scientific institutes such as INBB and CNR, has developed a revolutionary device called LifeBion. This device uses disturbing energy to mitigate its harmful effects, allowing the body to re-establish its energy balance. The result is a deeper, more restorative sleep, resulting in greater cellular regeneration and an energised, rested awakening.

LifeBion is a device that is the result of two decades of studies at the highest level, aimed at mitigating the negative effects of technological progress, without impeding its necessary development. We absolutely do not want to stop progress, but we have sought and found ways to defend ourselves from the harmful effects it brings.

LifeBion makes it possible to rest well in order to live better without renouncing technological progress.