Mites, The acari (or Acarina) are a taxon of arachnids that contains mites and ticks. The diversity of the Acari is extraordinary and their fossil history goes back to at least the early Devonian period. Acarologists (people who study the Acari) have proposed a complex set of taxonomic ranks to classify mites. In most modern treatments, the Acari are considered a subclass of the Arachnida and are composed of two or three superorders or orders: Acariformes (or Actinotrichida), Parasitiformes (or Anactinotrichida), and Opilioacariformes; the latter is often considered a subgroup within the Parasitiformes. The monophyly of the Acari is open to debate, and the relationships of the acarines to other arachnids is not at all clear. In older treatments, the subgroups of the Acarina were placed at order rank, but as their own subdivisions have become better understood, treating them at the superorder rank is more usual.

Some parasitic forms affect humans and other mammals, causing damage by their feeding, and can even be vectors of diseases, such as scrub typhus, rickettsialpox, Lyme disease, Q fever, Colorado tick fever, tularemia, tick-borne relapsing fever, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and tick-borne meningoencephalitis. A well-known effect of mites on humans is their role as allergens and the stimulation of asthma in people affected by respiratory disease.

The use of predatory mites (for example, Phytoseiidae) in pest control and herbivorous mites that infest weeds are also of importance. An unquantified, but major positive contribution of the Acari is their normal functioning in ecosystems, especially their roles in the decomposer subsystem. In this context, the association of many species with carcasses and decaying organic matter qualify them as potential medicolegal indicators in forensic entomology.

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JoyBion’s controlled Bipolar Ionization simultaneously generates a precise ratio of negative and positive ions using a Periso’s patented technology to create a high concentration of bipolar ions that generates a superior quality air, just like the natural healthy environments.

These positively and negatively charged ions encapsulate and deactivate harmful agents in the indoor air and environments such as bacteria, moulds, allergens and virus.

It is a natural process that also involves the respiratory system because it is a valid defence against problems related to allergies, asthmatic situations and infections.

The ion cluster is an equilibrated group(cluster) of ions. 

Cold plasma ionization is a type of ionization similar to what naturally happens in a thunderstorm when lightning strikes. An oscillating electric field increases the energy of air molecules, which collide at high speed, break up, and release ions. Once this “cold” chemical transformation has taken place, the air becomes what is called a “plasma”.

JoyBion Propacare ionizers are based on this innovative technology, and use controlled bipolar ionization to ensure that there is a balance between positive and negative ions, just like in nature during a thunderstorm.

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Cold plasma sanitization works by electrically charging air particles, transforming them into an ionized gas capable of breaking down volatile compounds and reducing the viral load of air.

Our JoyBion Propacare ionizers are based on this innovative technology, and use controlled bipolar ionization to ensure that positive and negative ions are emitted in a precise, constantly balanced quantity, just as in a thunderstorm. 

Non Thermal Plasma (NTP) Technology, also known as “cold plasma” technology, is used in air ionizers to electrically charge air particles, transforming them into an ionized gas, called a plasma, which is capable of breaking down viruses and volatile compounds in the air.

Our JoyBion Propacare ionizers are based on this innovative technology and, moreover, they use the controlled bipolar ionization that create a perfetct balance of negative and positive ions.

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