Thunderstorms naturally ionize air, creating large quantities of negative ions and ozone. These two elements momentarily sanitize and purify air, but are so intensely charged that, if they didn’t quickly disperse, they would be unsuitable for life. Indeed, in nature, thunderstorms usually last a very short time, after which the air ionization and ozonation processes stabilize and quickly reach an equilibrium. This is why we believe that continuous emission of ozone in living spaces should be avoided. JoyBion, unlike other devices on the market, emit ozone only on demand, for a short time, and at a threshold much lower than legal limits (120 micrograms/ m3 | 60 ppb, parts per bilion).

Even waterfalls ionize the air, but in such a gentle and balanced way, without generating ozone, so that you can enjoy it limitlessly. Indeed, the environment near a waterfall is ideal for improving the well-being of people, animals and plants. This explains the invigorating energy that you get when you come across a waterfall in a lush and green forest.

Such principles guided us in the development of our JoyBion bipolar ionizers, which emit clusters of positive and negative ions in perfect balance that capture viruses and bacteria. Once captured, they are inactivated in mid air or directly on surfaces when the clusters settle. All this happens without emitting any ozone and by maintaining a natural balance of positive and negative ions, thus making the air perfectly breathable, just as if you were in a forest near a waterfall!

The bipolar clusters emitted by our ionizers not only eliminate viruses and bacteria, but also effectively break down environmental pollutants, cleaning the air of harmful fungal spores, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other common pathogens, making it healthier, more breathable and energizing. The highly innovative technology in our appliances thus rebalances, re-energizes and reinvigorates the environment.