For many, the arrival of Spring brings with it respiratory allergies and hay fever which, in this period of Covid-19, can create some worry about whether symptoms are due to the virus or an allergy.

The first thing you need to consider is whether you have a high temperature or not. In the case of simple allergies or hay fever, despite its name, your body temperature shouldn’t actually rise. Virus symptoms also tend to worsen in time, regardless of whether you are in or outdoors, while spring allergies are worse when you are outdoors and in contact with irritants than when you are indoors. The virus also normally causes a sensation of pain throughout the body and more severe fatigue than with an allergy.

An air ionizer like JoyBion is the ideal solution for defending ourselves from not only viruses, but also the nuisance of allergies in the spaces we live in every day. Using controlled bipolar ionization, JoyBion emits a perfect balance of positive and negative ions in order to recreate the quality of pure, uncontaminated air in the natural environment.

JoyBion is also equipped with an ozonization programme that can be activated when the room needs more thorough sanitization.

To learn more about the JoyBion ionizer, click here.

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