JoyBion ionizer uses Controlled Bipolar Ionization technology to constantly monitor the emission of positive and negative ions.

As for how they work, let’s imagine we have a box cutter where the blade represents negative ions, and its case, which contains the blade, represents positive ions.

Considering that it is the negative ions that effectively “clean” the air, it is easy to understand that the blade representing them, in this example, will have to protrude a little from the case that contains it in order to attack and kill viruses and bacteria, just like when using the box cutter to cut. The case, that is the positive ions, on the other hand, serves to contain the sharpness of the blade itself, letting it protrude just enough to do its job, without protruding too much and harming the user.

This image explains how Controlled Bipolar Ionization (IBC) works, with positive ions, represented by the cutter case, containing the chain reaction in the air, and only a slight imbalance of negative ions, just enough for them to perform their function of “cleaning” the air. In this way, a precisely controlled cold plasma is generated. If, instead, there were no positive ions to rein in the chain reaction of an uncontrolled cold plasma, there would be an excessive and out of control emission of ozone.

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