The pandemic has made us work and much more via video, instead of in person. This new way of meeting people has its advantages and its disadvantages. 

The positive side of the coin has certainly been the fact that we haven’t been forced to completely lose contact with people in both work and private spheres. Otherwise, isolation would have been so much more intolerable and problematic. We have still been able to hold important meetings, children have still been able to continue with their lessons, and we have still been able to enjoy some sort of evenings with friends. Sure, it’s always better in person, but we have had to make do with what we have, and some of us, at times, have appreciated the convenience of not having to travel many miles to attend hour-long meetings.

The negative side of the coin has been not only the many social problems that have emerged, but also the so-called “Zoom fatigue”, caused by excessive use of video platforms that make us feel that much more tired at the end of the day. Indeed, experts recommend taking frequent breaks, and avoiding, wherever possible, the accumulation of too many video conferences in a single day. It is also extremely important to take care of the environment in which we work and live, in order to ensure it is as pleasant and healthy as possible. Lighting is certainly an important factor, as sunlight gives us more energy and stimulates positivity, but it is also essential to frequently ventilate the room we use, so that its air is always fresh and clean. 

To make the air even more vital and pure, it is increasingly recommended to use an air ionizer. JoyBion by Propacare, for example, thanks to its controlled bipolar ionization, is able to emit positive and negative ions in a precise balance, in order to recreate the pure and natural air you would normally find in a forest!

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