Travelling by plane, especially over long distances, can be a tiring experience. Jet lag and the uncomfortable cabin environment often make it difficult to get a restful sleep.

During a recent flight from Munich to Bangkok, one passenger used Lifebion to monitor and improve his sleep. 






The data collected revealed a surprising result: the passenger fell asleep in just 8 minutes and enjoyed deep, uninterrupted rest (visible in the 11 dark purple peaks in the bottom left image) for almost five consecutive hours. This is an outstanding result, especially considering the duration of the flight and the typical challenges associated with sleeping on a plane.


The same passenger resumed the same flight a few weeks later, did not use LifeBion during sleep and took the measurement with the same instrument used the previous time. The results clearly showed that the quality of sleep was significantly lower than when he used LifeBion to rest. This time he took 32 minutes to fall asleep and enjoyed a less deep sleep (visible in the 5 dark purple peaks in the image below).

This passenger's testimony is not an isolated case. Numerous other travellers have reported significant improvements in the quality of their rest during long-distance flights, confirming the effectiveness of Lifebion.

With the successful test on the Munich-Bangkok flight, Lifebion proves to be an indispensable solution for frequent travellers. Offering rejuvenating and restorative sleep, the device is set to become an essential travel companion, allowing travellers to arrive at their destination rested and rejuvenated.

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