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The JoyBion ionizer emits ions in a ratio of 1.2 million negative ions to 1 million positive ions. Therefore, around 20% more negative ions are purposely emitted. This value has been obtained by measurements using a special instrument positioned in front of the electrodes of the device, where the ions are generated.

The value may be different when measured away from the appliance, because, once released into the air, the ions reach an equilibrium based on the environmental situation they find themselves in, which depends on a range of variables, such as the mixture of gases making up the air, the relative humidity and other environmental factors.

JoyBion ionizer uses Controlled Bipolar Ionization technology to constantly monitor the emission of positive and negative ions.

As for how they work, let’s imagine we have a box cutter where the blade represents negative ions, and its case, which contains the blade, represents positive ions.

Considering that it is the negative ions that effectively “clean” the air, it is easy to understand that the blade representing them, in this example, will have to protrude a little from the case that contains it in order to attack and kill viruses and bacteria, just like when using the box cutter to cut. The case, that is the positive ions, on the other hand, serves to contain the sharpness of the blade itself, letting it protrude just enough to do its job, without protruding too much and harming the user.

This image explains how Controlled Bipolar Ionization (IBC) works, with positive ions, represented by the cutter case, containing the chain reaction in the air, and only a slight imbalance of negative ions, just enough for them to perform their function of “cleaning” the air. In this way, a precisely controlled cold plasma is generated. If, instead, there were no positive ions to rein in the chain reaction of an uncontrolled cold plasma, there would be an excessive and out of control emission of ozone.

The JoyBion ionizer is unique in its ability to both generate controlled bipolar Ionization and emit ozone on demand for a limited time. During the ozonization process, the device simultaneously continues to generate controlled bipolar ionization. Both features are, indeed, important in the battle against mites and mite allergies.

Controlled bipolar ionization (CBI) contribution comes from breaking down mite droppings, 0.3 micron micro-particles that float in the air and can cause allergies, and, in some cases, severe asthma.

With CBI, JoyBion successfully breaks down almost all micro-particles suspended in air, including most allergens. This leaves air purer and more breathable, minimizing the breathing problems caused by harmful particles and mite droppings.

Though this ionization process alone is already enough to recommend JoyBion, the advantages of the device don’t stop here. By activating its ozonization feature for a time of 90 to 180 minutes, without people present in the space, but leaving pillows, mattresses and blankets out, the ozone emitted by JoyBion acts on the surfaces and folds of the fabrics where the mites live, making life extremely difficult for them. With daily treatment, and, if possible, two or three treatments a day, extraordinary benefits should be seen within less than a few weeks.

Leaving the ionization feature to work continuously will minimize the presence of harmful particles suspended in the air, while a daily ozonization of at least 90 minutes, or even better 180 minutes, will minimize the presence of mites in fabrics and on surfaces. Ionization also significantly revitalizes and balances the air electrically. Naturally, this doesn’t obviate the need to regularly ventilate the environment to facilitate the normal change of air and supply of oxygen required by its users.

Mites feed on organic matter left by people on surfaces, including bed sheets. Therefore, effective sanitation, also by ozone, will eliminate the mites’ source of food, and promote the disappearance of allergy symptoms. Furthermore, as is well-known by allergy sufferers, it is not so much the mites that cause allergic reactions, but their droppings. Both ionization and the oxidative action of ozone can reduce and eliminate microbial proliferation linked to the presence of this organic waste, and, thus, significantly reduce this problem.

The JoyBion actually creates vitality in your environment, not sterility. The JoyBion features 2 modes: Ionize (controlled bipolar ionization) and Sanitize (controlled ozone generation). The Sanitize mode creates a robust sanitization of your environment destroying most viruses and bacteria in your environment. The Ionize mode generates a healthy and life-enhancing mix of negative and positive ions constantly while the unit is in operation. The effect is similar to the quality of air you would find while walking in the mountains or out in nature, and extremely healthy experience. There has also been significant research showing many positive effects for physical and mental wellbeing associated with ionization, will little to no negative effects when used properly.

One of the best features of the JoyBion machines is that they are constantly generating bipolar ionization - negative and positive ions. While a calibrated air ion meter is necessary to measure the exact number of ions being generated, rest assured the JoyBion is always working to generate this healthy ionization as long as you can see the electrode carbon fibers in the machine. Over many many years these fibers may have problems and only then this element may need to be changed. Also essential to optimize the ions being generated is a simple periodic cleaning of these carbon fibers to make sure they are always working at their best.

JoyBion Propacare dispositives work thanks to an innovative basic principle that goes over the concept of filter.

Our filters are not HEPA filters and do not comply with the above-mentioned standard, simply because our devices work as ionizers and their filters only serves to collect the residues of already deactivated pathogens. Let’s explain the difference.

Filtering devices with filters that are HEPA compliant or of lower quality filter the air just as it is, capturing, in their mesh, only the impurities and pathogens in the air that passes through the filter.

Our ionizers do much more than this. They emit millions of ions per minute, dispersing them in the indoor air via an advanced fan system. In just a few seconds, these ions reach every corner and surface of the environment, attacking viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollen, and so on, and quickly neutralize them. The remains of the deactivated pathogens are then collected from the air by ionizer filter. This filter has the main function of preventing the particles of the deactivated pollutants from being pushed back into the environment by the fan, which, as mentioned above, has the primary function of dispersing the ions so that they can sanitize the entire environment.

The function of our bionizing devices is therefore not to pack the pathogens into the filter, but to disarm them while they are still in the air, and then collect them in the filter or allow them to settle, once deactivated. Conversely, then active viruses and bacteria accumulate in HEPA and other less efficient filters, when they are emptied, cleaned or replaced, there is a great risk of touching and breathing in pathogens that are still active. While, in the case of our ionizer filters, only deactivated pathogens remain.

Thanks to the right electromagnetic charge in the bipolar ion cluster of the JoyBion Propacare air purifier, pollutants are reduced and precipitated by incorporation.

The Propacare JoyBion air ioniser forms clusters of positive and negative ions controlled and balanced in a perfect percentage to make the cluster active for deactivation and abatement of viruses, bacteria and environmental pollutants.

The traditional air purifiers attract the air inside thanks to fans and remove the organic compounds (bacteria, powder…) by passing it through simple filters. JoyBion Propacare ionizers, on the other hand, emit clusters of positive and negative ions that incorporate organic compounds and capture them in the air, deactivating and precipitating them. Organic compounds can also be deactivated on surfaces when ion clusters deposit and incorporate them. The great strength of ionisers JoyBion Propacare, compared to traditional air purifiers, is that they you have two products all in one, because they produce ozone only on demand and for a limited time and they ionize, so they are able to regenerate the air making it healthy and breathable thanks to the natural balance between positive and negative ions.

Cold plasma sanitization uses a process similar to a thunderstorm, where lightning emits strong oscillating electrical fields that increase the energy of molecules in the air, and particularly those containing water. Water molecules are thus broken up, leading to a low temperature chain reaction that releases energy via electricity and not a temperature rise, hence the term “cold plasma”.

In this way, the cold plasma sanitization process creates huge amounts of highly oxidizing free radicals that attack the protective membranes of pathogens in the air and rapidly deactivate them. 

In October 2020, the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua scientifically proved that this type of sanitization is also able to disarm the virus SARS-CoV-2.

Our JoyBion Propacare ionizers make use of this innovative technology, and, unlike other similar ionizers, constantly and precisely maintain a balance in the emission of positive and negative ions, just like in nature. Thanks to this unique function, our devices can safely be used in the presence of people, for an unlimited time.

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