JoyBion Propacare dispositives work thanks to an innovative basic principle that goes over the concept of filter.

Our filters are not HEPA filters and do not comply with the above-mentioned standard, simply because our devices work as ionizers and their filters only serves to collect the residues of already deactivated pathogens. Let’s explain the difference.

Filtering devices with filters that are HEPA compliant or of lower quality filter the air just as it is, capturing, in their mesh, only the impurities and pathogens in the air that passes through the filter.

Our ionizers do much more than this. They emit millions of ions per minute, dispersing them in the indoor air via an advanced fan system. In just a few seconds, these ions reach every corner and surface of the environment, attacking viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollen, and so on, and quickly neutralize them. The remains of the deactivated pathogens are then collected from the air by ionizer filter. This filter has the main function of preventing the particles of the deactivated pollutants from being pushed back into the environment by the fan, which, as mentioned above, has the primary function of dispersing the ions so that they can sanitize the entire environment.

The function of our bionizing devices is therefore not to pack the pathogens into the filter, but to disarm them while they are still in the air, and then collect them in the filter or allow them to settle, once deactivated. Conversely, then active viruses and bacteria accumulate in HEPA and other less efficient filters, when they are emptied, cleaned or replaced, there is a great risk of touching and breathing in pathogens that are still active. While, in the case of our ionizer filters, only deactivated pathogens remain.

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