It's a well-known fact that the mountains are beneficial for the human body, but what exactly are the effects? A walk in the mountains brings improvement in physical health thanks to direct contact with unspoilt nature, and stimulates the production of endorphins, with positive effects on mood. Furthermore, the silence and the colors all around bring us into contact with our own body, giving a feeling of great wellbeing. And if our walk is partly in the sun, our body can also produce more vitamin D, important for our immune system and bone health.

The movement of walking, what's more, is a panacea for reducing the fat accumulated in our sedentary lives, and also has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure falls due to the lower atmospheric pressure, with positive effects on conditions linked to hypertension.

Moreover, the higher oxygen content stimulates our immune system and induces us to breathe more deeply, the heart pumps more blood and the red cell count increases, improving the blood's ability to transport oxygen and increasing energy.

Finally, we can say that mountain air is among the best for our organism: lower pollution levels make it pure and healthy, and at altitudes over 1500 meters, the lower humidity reduces the presence of pollens and mites, to relief of allergy sufferers. Mountain air is also rich in negative ions, which also reduce allergies and benefit our brain, as they increase blood flow and thus enhance lucidity. Negative ions are extremely important for our health, but unfortunately they tend to disappear in polluted areas such as the cities we inhabit. One of the few times when the city air is perfectly ionized with both positive and negative ions is after a storm; otherwise we need to go to natural places like the mountains or, even better, a waterfall in the mountains, where the ionization is even more beneficial.

However, balanced ionization can be reproduced in our homes, thanks to advanced technologies like JoyBion ionizers, which emit positive and negative ions in a perfectly balanced and controlled manner, recreating the air we breathe in the mountains.

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