Winter is just round the corner and once again we find ourselves living in enclosed spaces, with all the consequences brought by the air indoors. Because of the lower temperatures, winter is a greater challenge to our immune system, leaving us susceptible to the flus and colds typical of this time of year. And the fact that we spend a lot of time indoors obviously makes the transmission of these viruses easier.

Added to this is the problem of air pollution, which increases the fine particles that lead - along with other factors - to a considerable worsening of inflammatory respiratory conditions. All this unavoidably leaves us more receptive to airborne viruses.

For all these reasons, it is essential to ensure that the air - at least in enclosed spaces - is free from pollutants, but also from viruses and bacteria. Ionisation plays an extremely important role in the purification of air indoors, especially if it is done by controlled bipolar ionisation like that produced by the JoyBion ioniser, which reproduces the effects of nature during a storm or near a waterfall. JoyBion actually emits positive and negative ions in a constantly controlled manner, offering effective ionisation just like that of nature.

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